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Please be aware that all plans (excluding the 6 week challenge) are recurring. The purpose of the auto renewal is so that you would be able to keep your progress tracking going for as long as you are on Fit2Go and have a better idea of how you are going in terms of reaching your goals. 

*The 6 Week Challenge is a One-Off payment and does not renew.

Once your subscription details come through we will work  to put together the perfect plan in order for you to reach your health and fitness goals. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask, you will be added to our private members support page which is a great place to ask questions or follow what everyone else is getting up to along their journeys. 

All the best from the team at HCC and remember all you need is to be willing to change :)

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    Fit2Go Meal Plan
  • Billing Period
    4 weeks
  • Regular Price
    $20.00 NZD per period